About Potential Article Processing Charges

Learn about potential article processing charges associated with publishing your article. Although there is no cost for publishing with IEEE, you may wish to take advantage of some of our fee-based offerings listed below.

Open access

Your research funder may require that you publish open access, or you may simply want to maximize your audience by making your article freely available to read. Learn more about our open access article processing charges and our open access publishing agreement. Note that only one IEEE magazine, IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine, offers open access at this time.

Page length

Many IEEE magazines limit the number of pages per article. In some cases, you may choose to exceed the page limit by paying overlength article charges, which vary according to the magazine. If you choose to exceed the page limit, you will receive an invoice before article publication.

 IEEE Collabratec

Open Access Article Processing Charges

Hybrid magazines are traditional subscription-based publications that also accepts open access content. The open access article processing charge for aRead More