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About IEEE Magazines

Publishing in an IEEE magazine can bring broad visibility and appeal to your work. IEEE magazines serve as a central communication hub for their sponsoring societies and contain a variety of content, including:

  • Feature and technical articles
  • Editorial columns
  • News related to upcoming conferences
  • Communications from society leaders

The editors-in-chief of IEEE magazines, as well as editorial board members, are volunteers who are experts in their respective technical fields.

The difference between a magazine and a journal

Magazines are different than journals in significant ways:

  • Feature articles are shorter, with a broader appeal and fewer equations and references.
  • Articles are more tutorial in nature. Articles are written to appeal to non-experts as well as experts in the field. 
  • Magazines look different, with visually appealing covers and photographs throughout the issue. 

Types of magazine articles

IEEE magazines articles fall into three main categories:

  • Features: Technical research articles, tutorials, and non-technical general-interest articles
  • Reviews: Reviews of technical books and new products
  • Columns and departments: Editorials, society and industry news, technology perspectives, conference updates, profiles, interviews, and event calendars

Publishing formats and distribution

Most IEEE magazines publish in both print and online formats. The online version is published in the IEEE Xplore® Digital Library. Magazines are often distributed to society members as part of their membership benefits.

Many IEEE magazines are indexed by popular databases such as Clarivate’s Web of Science. If a magazine has an Impact Factor, it will be available on the magazine’s homepage in IEEE Xplore.

List of IEEE magazines

IEEE currently publishes 40+ magazines. Use the IEEE Publication Recommender to help you choose which magazine is the best fit for your work.


Most IEEE magazines carry paid advertising. To find the advertising contact for a specific magazine, click on the magazine’s title in IEEE Xplore‘s publication list and then click on the “About” tab. The advertising contact’s information is listed under Contacts on the bottom right.

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