How to Review Your Article Proof

Use the IEEE Author Gateway to review and approve your article proof. An article proof shows you what your article will look like in a print or online publication.

  1. Click “Download and review article PDF” button on the “Article Detail – In Progress” page to download the proof.
  2. Indicate any changes to the proof by annotating the PDF. Review and answer any queries or notes from your IEEE Staff Editor that are included in the proof. Be sure to include the membership status and progressive years of membership grades for authors who are IEEE members. 
  3. Click “Upload final corrections” to upload your corrected proof, including any other files such as revised graphics. Zip or compress multiple files into a single upload.

If you receive your article proof PDF as an email attachment, simply download, annotate, and email it back to your IEEE Staff Editor. If you are unable to annotate the PDF file, you can still email corrections to your IEEE Staff Editor through one of the following methods.

Please note that the IEEE Staff Editor cannot accept a new Word document or TeX version of the article. All corrections must be submitted through one of the above methods.

Reviewing graphics in the proof

Check your graphics carefully in the proof, including any text within the graphic. Note that your proof may include a gray box as an image placeholder for opening art, which will be placed later in the production process.

If changes are required on any graphics, supply a replacement image file electronically in one of the following preferred formats: PS, EPS, PNG, JPG, GIF, or TIF. Line art TIF images must be 600 dpi and 1 bit per pixel. Grayscale and photo TIF images must be 300 dpi and 8 bits per pixel.